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The 14th Dalai Lama – Welcome to Project Plan Z

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet is a messenger for   PROJECT  PLAN  Earth (  EARTH). 

 Mother Nature has some messages waiting for His Holiness the  Dalai Lama.  These messages are updates from the TREE of KNOWLEDGE   . . . about the intellectual continuum  that exists from the original teachings of Buddha  to  currrent mathematical  DECISION TREE   theory.  We are guests of MOTHER NATURE;  nature provides us with food,water, and air.  In return, MOTHER NATURE would like our cortex computer to understand the philosophical context  which we live within.  Thus the religious continuum from ancient teachings to their evolution  to modern basic concepts; which verify, supplement,  and enhance the original messages of the cellulose TREE BUD to its first spokeperson BUDDHA.  Understanding this process  will  help improve the Tibet/China situation for the Dalai Lama.   Thus in year 2010,  we have an intellectual project to start work on.     BLOG titles provide an outline of this massive intellectual political science, foreign affairs  project.   Titles are:

  1. Computer Earth System 370
  2. TCP physics event – the 14th Dalai Lama
  3. The Time Computer BATTLE ZONE – Tibet
  4. The CALTECH Astrophysics message for the 14th Dalai Lama
  5. Botany – Carbon 14  Dalai Lama radio
  6. TenZin Gyatso of Tibet math
  7. The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet – Nitrogen 14

Contact:   Principle science researcher  HERB ZINSER

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Mail Address:  P.O.Box 134, Watertown, WI 53094-0134, USA

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Computer Earth System 370

Mother  Nature wished to thank the 14th Dalai Lama for the SIGNAL he is sending . Approximately 370 million Buddhists  have particpated in the cortex computer system TEST for the TREE of KNOWLEDGE.   The TENZIN signal is via his visit to the Big TEN  school – University of Wisconsin, Madison.    The  string theory  physics atomic brain signal is interesting.     Node points of the  Wiscon.SIN  sin wave string theory function give empirical clues for physics theorists.  Looking at  nodes/ points in the continuum  we see:

  1. The ancient religious societal computers  . . .  that exist in any biological species.  Thus we have the intial phase of evolution of computer science … with the evolution of the brain data processor and the central nervous system 370.   Only in the last century have  copper wire/copper electron  adding machines and computer evolved.   From   Mother  Nature’s millenium perspective –> copper wire computers are just a recent phase UPDATE of a ongoing  artifical intelligence process. Thus we have the World Almanac saying we currently have about 370 biological Computer Buddhists. . . . .that are now in parallel processing to..
  2. IBM  OS/JCL system 370  SNA  VTAM  (copper wire version)
  3. IBM  OS/JCL system 370 SNA   VTAM  (biological brain  version that runs inside the electrical engineers, designers, physicsts, mathematicians, and system engineers skull computers)
  4. The city of Madison. Wisconsin  CPU experiment =  Central Pu (Public Library of books and nouns/verbs) and the approximate cost of  $37.0  million of the new library.     This is really a SIGNAL for the University of Wisconsin  various departments to announce   Herb Zinser’s PROJECT PLAN Z   as described on Website and Blogs.   See BLOG:       The Blog title: Welcome to Project Plan Z  describes the projects intellectual objectives.  
  5. The Wisconsin State Journal  newspaper October 9, 2004 sent  a front page message  to University of Wisconsin students and professors.    The editors like mystery puzzles and riddles, thus the question:
    Who was  General  TSO?   –>  Tenzin   Gya.TSO   the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.          He visited  Madison on May15, 2010.    
  6. Who is another General TSO?     Gene General –> Genetics –> Gene    TSO  –> Gene/chromosome bio-computer
    message  systems TSO = Time Sharing Option.   This Tenzin Gya.TSO is  a  molecular cell biology messenger for UW. 

TCP physics event – the 14th Dalai Lama

Review of  Margaret Mead nuclear anthropolgy physics events suggests a  explanation for the 14th Dalai Lama  of Tibet.  TCP physics event components are:

  1. T = Time Reversal
  2. C = Charge conjugation
  3. P  = Partity or mirror reversal (KasMIR Asia Mirror)

Margaret Mead atomic brain particle expressions are interesting.  The LINK to  modern physics research requires careful review.  In Margaret Mead terms,  lets view  additonal levels of  TCP definitions:

  1. TCP  =  Time     C lock      Processor   (Computer Earth – the Time Machine by H.G.Wells)
  2. TCP  =   Ti            C=Computer lock  Procesing  ( ERROR)
  3. TCP  =   Time     Chin.a                              Physics
  4.            =                 CHIN = Compare Halfword INstruction of Basic Assembler Land Language
  5. TCP   =    TiBET    China                          Processing
  6. TCP   =    Tibet       Communist           Party

Thus we see the levels from (theoretical model) to  the application  groups of people.
We  can  view this as a COMPUTER EARTH physics   atomic  biology  people experiment.


TCP = TIME REVERSAL  event with the 14th Dalai Lama
TCP = Tibet       Communist  Particles  (PARTY of Chinese atoms)
TCP = 1953 year of TIME REVERSAL
              – 10  year of TEN –> TENZIN GyaTSO
TCP = 1943  –> TC Particle 43 of the atomic political science project TIME table.  TC=Time Computer

A  major purpose of existence  on earth,   is to understand the context we live within. Given the recent intellectual and empircal tools provided  by science and theorists,  we gain a understanding of social engineering processes.
The 14th Dalai Lama (TENZIN)   and his friends ought communicate with agent ZINJAN  using the  ZIN LINK  of Mary and L.S.B.Leakey.    This would improve his chances of returning to TIBET in some fashion.   The periodic atomic table of life has  MAJOR  political powers in the several parallel processing  dimensions  of societal EARTH.

The Time Computer BATTLE ZONE – Tibet

Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology  covers  the  biological societal expressions of the periodic atomic table of life.  Of particular interest is TC = 43 –>  TIME COMPUTERS   of  the periodic  atomic table processors.  The   TC = TIME CUBE  time computer  name TC= 43  implies  base 4.    Base 4 math exponent 3 = 64 cubic time  or the  DR.WHO Time Cube.   The  TIME CUBE exists at various levels–> as it travels with DR.WHO  thru different levels/sizes/dimensions of existence on our earthly universe LABORATORY.  

Geopoliticus Child Watching  the Birth of the New Man” by Salvador Dali (1943)

 The Tibetan Time Cube  equation for TEN = Decimal number 10 of  TENZIN Gyatso   TENSOR  space/time vector  is:

Year 1943  –> Salavdor Dali painting Geo-political  +  TC= 43
………+10  –> The TEN year time shift of TENZIN  GYATSO
Year  1953  –> The start of the conflict between  atomic social element  TC –> represented by T=Tibet  and C=China.     In addition, we ought remember that a  biological CPU =  Communist Party Unit  in year 1953  is really a collection of  cortex computers in CHINA.      In year 2010,  we have the CPU = Central Processing Unit  in two mediums:
1) the copper wire version of electron data processing
2) the  biological brain version with  electron judical
circuit court

This is a specific detailed example of  a   “SCIENCE  WAR”  battle involving the Dalai Lama.     Various magazine articles  and WEBSITE’s  cover  the  “SCIENCE WARS”   . . . . . but omit the details of the the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology WAR.   Assist Herb Zinser’s PROJECT  PLAN  Z;  thru your support for my research . .  I can  explain the Tibet/China conflict and other areas of controversy  and  the   Margaret Mead nuclear family set of solutions.   

Botany – Carbon 14 Dalai Lama radio

Carbon 14 is a radioactive isotope that is used for dating the age of an object: like an ancient tree log . In theory, it may also explain the reincarnations of   cellulose TREE of KNOWLEDGE  via  TREE BUD religious agents –> such as  the tree friend/buddy known as  Tibetan Buddhist the 14th Dalai  Lama.

The carbon atom is used to construct cellulose structures.  Isotopes are variant forms of an atom,  All atoms of an element have the same number of protons;  those with  a variable  number of neutrons are called isotopes.  Carbons three isotopes are:
Carbon 12  with 6 protons and 6 neutrons
Carbon 13  with 6 protons and 7 neutrons
Carbon 14  with 6 protons and 8 neutrons

Carbon 14 radioactive isotopes  on decay become nitrogen 14.    RADIO isotopes are often used as tracers –> such as the 14th Dalai Lama  of Tibet  and the cellulose tree BUD messenger.   Botanists use radio-active tracers to track the steps/pathways of photosynthesis.   Thus the project plan STEPS of cellulose plants and photon can be studied;   the  Charles Darwin evolution   of astrophysics photons upon arrival on EARTH;  the creation of  cellulose trees  –>  the cellulose TREE of KNOWLEDGE expressions  via symbolic intellectual thoughts  printed on  pulp newsprint.
Photons of   Sun Praire, Wisconsin  and  the Hubbleton special undercover astronomy project have interesting information on this process.

Radioactive tracers can be studied. By putting plant cells in a medium enriched with a tracer (carbon 14), botanists track uptake of carbon thru each reaction step in the formation of sugars and starches  with the structure known as the 14th Dalai Lama.    The 14th Dalai Lama has a uptake of  carbon thru the vegetable food system –> thus  MOTHER  NATURE (the #1 botanist on EARTH ) can trace the cellulose tree bud / vegetable bud  evolution of spiritual thought  thru an agent/spokeperson such as the 14th Dalai Lama. 

In year 2010 TenZin Gyatso is visiting  Madison.    On  May 15th, the 14th Dalai  Lama at the University of Wisconsin  will represent the convergence of several factors:

  • Botany Department Carbon 14 radio with
  • Department of Radiology at  600 Highland Avenue (Tibet Highland theory)
  • Department of Psychology neuroscience with Richard Davidson and
  • theory of brain radio transmitters known as neuro.transmitters  –> known in the social engineering world by clues such as:  Radio Head music group,  references to people having a heart-to-heart conversation, references to people saying”I can read his mind”, etc.     Thus the human species has evolved with different brain electron circuits.  Some people seem to have evolved this SECRET  brain radio ability . . . .  parallel to the copper wire electron  radios.  Perhaps the 14th Dalai Lama and the researchers can explain all these secrets to me ..someday. I am curious.  

TenZin Gyatso of Tibet math

As a man who respects the TREE of KNOWLEDGE, he understands that the religious PATH  to RIGHTEOUSNESS  is the geometric RIGHT triangle and the  contemplation path:   PYTH.agorean Theorem.   Thus Tenzin  gives us his interpreation of BIG TEN university  math in Madison, Wisconsin.   Let exponent 2 = exp 2 

 General equation:  
                  X  exp 2      +  Y exp 2    =  Z exp 2 
 Tenzin equation:
                10 exp 2    +   10 exp 2    =  Z exp 2   
                100          +   100              =  Z exp 2 
                                 200                    =  Z exp 2
 The square root  of  200     =       14.14       =  Z

Hence,  Buddhist  algebra religious messenger   the  14th  Dalai Lama.
The mathematical spiritual component of life within  TenZin   GyaTSO.

Puzzle:  What is the theological relationship between  the Chicago Polish GODZIN  ,  TENZIN,  the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropolgy book by Leon Lederman: The God Particle   and  BLOG:   subject:  Godzin Particle  Physics.                  



The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet – Nitrogen 14

Some secrets of the Margaret Mead nuclear anthropology family have become available.  The periodic atomic table  expresses itself thru many formats.  One such format is atomic brain messengers such as the Nitrogen 14  physics agent from  Tibet.   The  atomic  element N = Nitrogen  and  O = Oxygen.    These   2 atomic elements create biological LUNG air spokespersons –> agents known as the DR.NO series of NOBEL scientists.   A  worldwide alliance  of Chemistry Journals and Societies created the Ian Fleming social chemistry BOND books and movies known as :   James BOND (molecular bond social life and actions).  Specifically we have the movie/book  about agent #007   and  Double #007.        Double #007  =  14  –> the 14th  Dalai  Lama of Tibet  a subconscious atomic brain double agent  for physics/chemistry.    In the Margaret Mead nuclear family of life . . he has been a subliminal messenger for  the  7 electrons of Nitrogen atomic religious  mass 14 –> the  14th       Dalai      La.Ma  =Language  Map of Lung nitrogen Margaret Mead nuclear society.   He ought consider meeting his parallel processing  COMPUTER EARTH agent: 

*  TEN.ZIN   living in the geographical region  of the BIG TEN University of Wisconsin
*  agent  ZIN working with  the   ZIN.Jan  skull/modern archeology, anthropology brain project of Janesville
*  agent  ZIN working with  the ZINO particle physics Margaret Mead project component